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Sapientia: to use knowledge, experience and insight


Sapientia Consulting combines knowledge, experience and insight to add value to your organisation

Sapientia Consulting advises clients on Strategy and Risk Management


Risk Management

We design and implement the prudent and robust practices required within your organisation to reduce the risk of failure. Effective risk management lets you seize your opportunities while enhancing your current and potential value.


Working alongside your management team, we advise on the set of competitive moves and actions your organisation takes to strengthen performance, achieve goals and compete successfully.




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Level 1, Harvest Court 128 George St
Dunedin 9016


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In today’s rapidly changing environment, where your customers’ needs continually change and new technology emerges overnight, organisations must protect their value while at the same time capturing new opportunities.

Our Services



  • Risk management reviews and implementation of risk management practices

  • Managing risk in a digital world, data analytics, design of automated controls

  • Internal audit

  • Fraud prevention, detection and mitigation

  • Staff training and professional development in risk management practices

  • AML/ CFT compliance

  • Emissions Trading Scheme verification


  • Organisational change management

  • Optimising business performance

  • Business Case development

  • Privacy & Information Security

  • Project Risk Assurance

  • Data Analytics

  • Policy development and review


About Us


Sapientia Consulting Managing Director, Andrew Douglas, has led the delivery of advisory and assurance services to organisations in New Zealand, United Kingdom and the United States of America for over fifteen years. 

Sapientia has a network of consultants available to service clients’ specific needs.

Andrew’s experience in the public and private sectors includes Banking, Insurance, Energy, Tertiary Education and the Primary Health sectors.  In New Zealand, this has included ANZ, Kiwibank, IRD, Meridian Energy, Transpower, Farmlands Co-operative and Alliance Group. 

In the UK, he delivered consultancy services to Lloyds Bank, Carbon Trust and was the Commercial Manager of a Film Production Company.